Any can made tattoos, few will do it  right.

As a  professional tattooer  high standards are a must.

Don’t look only for  cheap   places to get  ink your body.

Follow  few tips  to  find  a  pro.


The place  you choose  must  be  full of light  and space.

Organization couldn’t  be  to important for  most people  when getting  a  tattoo.

However, a  well organized professional  master the preparation and performance  of  a  tattoo  since  the beginning.  Most  places  and most people  wont look  at those simple  but thrully important  matters.

A professional  tattooer  is always  thinking  on how to save time  and  resources  to  do his  mastery clean, efficient and  getting  a final  gorgeous  healed  results.

After  you  find  a  place that  is clean and  organized  enough  to  get tattooed.  Check  on the  work area  of  your  tattooer.  Could be  simple and  clean, or  fancy and  full of  cross contamination.   A pro tattooer  will take  care  always  of  don’t  contaminate any of  his  stuff. Since  the  beginning  a pair  of clean gloves are wear. And   layers of  barriers  are applied  to  most  material and  devices.   This  is  a  very  good  sign, as warning  some  tattooers will keep barriers  over work materials  for  all his life,  what  will end  in surely big  cross contamination and  bad  mistakes  in the  result of  your  ink.

Barriers :  plastic covers, pouch bags, dental bibs, disposable material  must be  changed and organized at the beginning  of  each single  session,  even for  a small tattoo. 


Nowadays  im using  wireless tattoo machines,  that  reduce  the  risk  of  any  cross contamination  and  brings  much  better  results, since  those  machines  are  the  smoothest  equipment  ever  with  the  skin.

Once  you choose  your  tattoo design,  todays  tattooer  will just  save  time  designing it  on a tablet app and  printing it  in the  size  you  choosen  to  be  taken  as  a stencil  to easily stamp it  in your  skin.  

Neither  of this steps  touch  the skin yet.

But  still a professional  will  take  care  to don’t  get  any of  those  matters  been contaminated.


Now  you are  almost  ready  to be  seat and be  tattooed  safe.   Over the  tables top  just  less of the products will show  to begin.  All those  bottles  and  products will be removed and placed in its place  just  before  start,  a non experienced  tattooer will  surely  organize  a  messy table, touching  everything  with   dirty  gloves,  that  could  already  touch  his  sweat  from face,  arms,  nose, food, hair,  and  many more  places, that  anyone  could  have a  bad bacteria  that  generates  a  rush or  a bad  healing  in your  fresh  tattoo and  further  than that, contaminates all his products.

Maybe  you will care  only  about  the price,    even  at  very  known  places  could  be working  non  experienced  tattooers.   Mind  about  simple  stuff  like  this, that  could  get  you  a  final  beauty ful result  of  your  new tattoo.